Travellers Information

Passport and Visa

All persons wishing to enter Myanmar must have a Visa and a Passport with at least 6 months validity. Entry visa can be obtained at every Myanmar embassy or consulate office abroad. Tourist visa is divided into two categories: Foreign Independent Travellers (F.I.T) and Package Tour Groups. Tourists visas are valid for (3) months. A tourist visa allows a stay of 28 days extendable for an additional 14 days.

Ordinary passport holders from the following countries are given visa exemption for 14 days-

(a) Laos (b) Vietnam (c) Philippines (d) Cambodia (e) Indonesia (f) Brunei Darussalam, (g) Thailand.

Myanmar launched an eVisa system on 1 September 2014. Visas issued online are currently available to selected nationalities, for tourism only. They are issued for a fee within 5 working days and their validity period is 90 days from the date of issuance. eVisas allow a single entry of up to 28 days and arrival must be via one of the following airports — Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw or Mandalay. Please visit official web site for more information and apply online.


The monetary unit is the Kyat ( pronounced chat ), which is divided into 100 pyas. Currency notes come in the following denominations: K 10000, K 5000, K 1000, K500, K200, K 100, K50, K20, K10, K 5, K 1. Visitors are not allowed to bring in or take out Kyats. US$ can be changed in Kyat and used by everyone. Travellers are advised to bring US Dollars in cash (small denomination notes). Euro and other currencies are difficult to change. Please note that money changers/shops/restaurants/hotels only accept USD notes, which are in good condition and ‘new’ looking. Notes with torn off corners, rips or scrawls, stain are not accepted.

Credit cards

Credit Cards are only accepted at a very few hotels and some shops. Master card and Visa card holders visiting Myanmar can use their cards to withdraw local currency cash from some banks’ ( CB Bank, AGD Bank, KBZ Bank ) automatic teller machines in the country. We suggest bringing a sufficient amount of cash for personal expenses. Climate Myanmar has a tropical climate, roughly divided into three seasons: 1. Hot Season – March to May with average temperature 30-35˙C. 2. Rainy Season – June to September with average temperature 25- 30˙C. 3. Cool Season – October to February with average temperature 20- 24˙C. Cool season is the best time to visit Myanmar.

What to wear? What to bring?

Light cotton-wears and casual clothing are recommended all year round. A light sweater or jacket will be useful when travelling in hilly areas. – During the rainy season, raincoat or umbrella will be required. – In religious ground areas, foot wearing, such as sandals, slippers, shoes, including even socks or stockings, are not allowed. – Need to wear decent dress in time of visiting Temples and Pagodas. – Insects repellent, sun block, sunglasses, hats, personal medical kits and other items, which you want and need, will have to be taken with.


Theravada Buddhism is the predominant, with 80% of the people embracing it. Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are also practiced among the minority.


Myanmar is mother tongue but English is widely understood.

Myanmar Standard Time

Local time – GMT + 0630 hrs.

Electricity in Myanmar

Voltage: 220/ 230 volts AC, 50Hz; two-pin flat plugs are in use. A flashlight is helpful when traveling up country where electricity is poor.

Airport Tax

Airport tax for International flight is USD 10. But there is no tax for domestic flights.


Myanmar arts and crafts, mostly hand-made, are best souvenirs. Lacquer-ware, wood carvings , tapestries , silverware, brassware, silk and cotton fabrics and shoulder-bags are some of the favorite items. You are advised to buy gems, jewelries and silverware at the authorized gem-shops where you will be given a voucher with a permit for Export. Visitors are required to ignore touts who may approach you for offering guide services, for exchanging foreign currency into local currency or for selling gems of a doubtful nature.


The hotels accommodation standards in Myanmar now vary widely, especially in terms of quality and availability. New and refurbished hotels meeting international standards are available in most of the destinations like Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, Kyaing Tong, Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach and Chaung Thar Beach. In the remote areas very basic and simple hotels are available.

International Flights

Yangon has direct air-links with Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Kolkata,Vietnam, Chiangmai and Kumming. The Myanmar Airways International, Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Silk Air, Malaysia Airline, Indian Airline, Vietnam Airlines, Dragon Air, China southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air Asia, Air Mandalay, Air Bagan and Air China operated scheduled flight in and out of Yangon.

Domestic Travel & Transportation

Domestic air services have greatly improved over recent years. However, railways, bus and steamer services still need improvement for the convenience of visitors. The clients will travel by reliable Air Mandalay or Yangon Airways or Air Bagan ATR- flights and by air – con vehicles. Baggage allowance on domestic flights is limited to 20kg. Excess luggage can be left in Yangon hotels for collection on return from up country. Air-conditioned coaches, mini vans and cars can be arranged for tours inside the country. In remote areas, air-conditioned car or bus may not always be available and travelers are advised that the conditions of roads in Myanmar are not the same.


We are very flexible about cancellation policy on all bookings till last minute. But in Myanmar, the cancellation policy of hotels vary from one to another Strict cancellation and deposit policies apply for bookings of river cruises, beach hotels and some small and beautiful boutique hotels. So the action of cancellation charges will be carried out according to the hotels’ cancellation policy.


Any foreign currency exceeding the equivalent of USD 2,000, jewelry, cameras, video cameras, and professional recording equipments should be declared on your customs declaration form upon arrival. Exports of antique and archaeologically valuable items are prohibited. Foreigners can bring any foreign currency into Myanmar not in excess of US$ 2000 or its equivalent without making a declaration to Customs on arrival. Only gems and jewelries purchased at the licensed dealers, or who can issue an export permit are allowed to be taken out of Myanmar. Baggage may be inspected before departure. Laptop computers can be brought in freely for your own use.


Myanmar cuisine use rice as staple dish, usually served with curries of meat or fish and variety of side dishes like vegetables, salads, soup, condiments etc. Meals & drinks at International Hotels are considerably expensive. There are many good local restaurants with almost the same quality of food and hygiene as hotels but at much more reasonable prices. They serve various dishes of Myanmar, Chinese, European ( French and Italian ), Thai and Indian cuisine. But roadside small restaurants are not recommended, as it can be risky for health. Throughout upcountry Myanmar, the choice of food is limited to Myanmar and Chinese. Never try to drink tap water. Purified, bottled water is available everywhere in Myanmar.


There are no compulsory vaccinations but it is advisable to take precautions against malaria . Prescription drugs are not widely available and visitors should bring any required medication with them. It is advisable to bring plenty of mosquito repellent, particularly for use in the evenings. Insect repellents are highly recommended, especially when traveling to remote areas in conjunction with other measures to prevent mosquito bites. The sun can be remarkably hot so a hat and sunscreen is advisable. A spare pair of glasses, if worn, is also advisable.


It is advisable to purchase travel insurance in your own country. Please choose a reputable insurance company who has agent in Myanmar.

Post and Telecommunication Postal

Myanmar Postal Service is running throughout the Myanmar country, and also available Local Express Myanmar Postal Parcel Service and Foreign Express Myanmar Postal Parcel Service is also being carried out between Yangon and Singapore, Yangon and Bangkok, Yangon and Korea vice versa. Myanmar DHL Limited, joint venture of Myanmar Communication Service and DHL World-wide.

E-mail and internet

The e-mail services and internet access can be available at internet cafes in Yangon and major hotels in big cities. Phone The country code for international calls is (+95). Myanmar does not have international roaming access, so your mobile phone can‘t work in Myanmar. Most hotels have IDD lines, but please be aware that the costs are very high.

Restricted Areas

Even though Myanmar has opened most areas of the country to foreign visitors, there are few areas still require government permission.


Tipping in Myanmar is much appreciated and practiced widely in addition to the service charge shown in the bill of restaurants and hotels and also to the drivers and boat men. There is no exact limit but depends upon the generosity and the satisfaction of their services.

Business Hour

Government Offices are open from 09.30 hours to 16.30 hours, banks from 10.00 hours to 15.00 hours from Monday to Friday. Shops are usually open from 10.00 hours to 17.00 hours, Tuesday to Sunday. Many museums, shops and markets will be closed on Mondays. In addition, most shops will be closed on public holidays.
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