Eco-tourism Sites


 Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp

It is located in Taikkyi Township of Yangon Division.The camp has 10 acres in area.Access : Drive from Yangon to Taikkyi Township around 90 minutes driving ( 48 miles ) along Yangon – Mandalay Highway road. Proceed to Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Forest Camp via Phalon village. It is about( 27 miles 4 furlong) by Off-Road 90 minutes driving.



Phoe Kyar Elephant Resort

It is located in Yedashe Township – Thargara. It is 10 miles 2 furlong from Thargara, in the area of Swa forest reserve area, on the bank of Thaing creek. The resort has 20 acres in area.Access : From Yangon to Swa Township, Thargara by car is 204 miles. From Thargara to Pho Kyar Resort the drive by car is 10 miles all seasons. From Yangon to Taungoo by train is 116 mile. From Taungoo to Thargara Pho Kyar Forest Resort by car is 26 miles.

Recreation/ Excursion

* Nature of elephants in the forest
* Elephants at work, dragging logs
* Typical nature of an elephant camp, life of riders
* Adventure trekking along the jungle trail
* Study forest eco-system
* See elephant utilities, bamboo products
* Elephant riding, bathing

For your accommodation, we will be arranging the camping tents and sleeping bags on bamboo decks. The best season to visit is from December to March. The weather is dry and open during this period. Since the area is malaria infested, visitors need to take malaria preventive pills, one week before the trip and two weeks after coming back.

 Bird Watching

Moeyingyi WetlandSanctuary is ( 69 )miles in distance, 2 hours drive from Yangon. It is located between 17.34 latitude and 96.35 longitude in Bago and Waw Township of Bago Division. It is 40 square miles in area. it is one of the very few ideal sites for nature study especially bird watching. Amidst the tranquil environ, one can observe the nature of about 40 species of elusive resident and migratory water birds in addition to the esthetic appeal of its watery place. Normally, migration period is from November to March annually.

 Recreation/ Excursion

* Watching the resident and migratory water birds and enjoyment of natural view. * Conducting research activities on wetland ecosystem. * Study wetland environment by boat.

Welcome to Ecologists, Bird watchers, professionals and Researchers and tourists.

Popa Mountain Park

Located between 20’53’N and 95’15’ E in Kyaukpadaung Township of Mandalay Division. It has the area of 49.63 square miles.Access: Yangon via Pyay and Kyaukpadaung to Popa, 412 miles by car. Yangon via Meikhtila and Kyaukpadaung to Popa, 400 miles by car. Yangon via Nyaung-U, 320 miles by air and 37 miles by car.Wild life : Monkey, barking deer,wild pig, jungle cat, wild dog and about 140 avifauna species inhabit the Popa area. The dusky leaf monkey is a scarce animal and about 150 monkeys live in the Popa Mountain Park.

 Recreation/ Excursion

* Observing Dry zone ecosystem, avifauna species and other wild animals. * Enjoyment of the natural beauty of Popa, Oasis of the Dry Zone. * Studying the naturally regenerated of sandal wood species. * Studying geological features and minerals from extinct volcano which erupted some 25,000 yrs ago. * Studying the natural forests by trekking on foot or on horseback along the forest paths. * Observing medicinal plants, climbers and conducting field research works. * Enjoyment of natural beauty by car, horse or on foot and playing golf. * Lodging with meals at Popa Mountain Resort. * Studying at the environmental education center.

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