Bagan & Environs


Bagan is the main tourist attraction in Myanmar and 500 km away from north of Yangon. This glittering ancient capital with some 5000 pagodas was founded in 849 AD., whose splendor climaxed during the reign of the first Myanmar King Anawrahta in 1057. With over 2000 buildings in an area of 42 Sq Km, making Bagan one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia today, with rarefied atmosphere of a thousand golden, white and red brick domes. Many of the pagodas are in ruins but inside these structures beautiful wall paintings are still very much fresh as if painted only yesterday. The mightiest structure at Bagan is the Dhammayangyi stupa, the loftiest is the Thatbyinnyu and the most artistic and exquisite is the Ananda Temple. Sunset at Bagan are best enjoyed by climbing up some of the pagoda platforms. Across the Ayeyarwady river is the Tantkyi Taung Pagoda, where Lord Buddha once stood and prophesied the emergence of a mighty city on the opposite bank.Bagan was destroyed by Mongol invaders in the 12th century A.D.Bagan museum run by the Archaeological Department display ancient artifacts found within Bagan. Whether mural paintings, plaster carvings or bas-relief, many are of high artistic quality – marvellous relics of Bagan’s glory. Bagan is not only famous for the monuments but also can study the ways of people and some handicraft such as lacquer ware. It is also a good place for shopping unique pieces of art. Experience of horse drawn carriage ride in Bagan is unforgettable. Bagan is somewhere you shouldn’t miss at all. – You will be thrilled by the monuments, amazing legends, and the traditional lifestyle of the locals.In Bagan, there are more than 2000 temples & stupas. It is difficult to cover all temples within limited time. Therefore, we will carefully select only some major temples for you to visit. )

 Balloons Ride Over Bagan

Balloons Ride Over Bagan: You can enjoy the magical vista of early morning Bagan and Ayeyarwady River with Balloons Over Bagan. The flight takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes depending on weather condition. A balloon has space for eight passengers with one pilot only The flight takes off daily from October through to end of March.

 Mt. Popa

Mt. Popa is said to be the core of an extinct volcano and 60 kilometers south-east of Bagan and it takes 1hr drive from Bagan. It is 1,500 meter- high and home of Myanmar’s “nats”- a collection of 37 supernatural beings. Twice yearly, thousands of people will gather here to attend the nats festivals to honour these spirits. On top of the mountain, there are monasteries, pagodas and shrines in different style.

You can enjoy the eye-catching landscapes, go for a walk, and examine the supernatural side of Myanmar culture. The Mt.Popa area has also been designated as a National Park, a perfect place for eco tourism.


Salay is a small town which is rich of Myanmar culture and it’s about 15 km south of Bagan down the Ayeyarwaddy River. It is also on the great Ayeyarwady River like Bagan. Another pleasurable way to get there is to go by one of the small motor boats  available  for  hire and  which usually leave Bagan from the Bu-Phaya jetty. It is worth visiting for it’s exceptional 18th century wood carving works at “Yoke Son” monastery. The figures carved outside the front of the building are worth seeing.
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