“Vista Myanmar Travels & Tours” has the great pleasure of welcoming you to Myanmar, a country of mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and the friendliest folk you will ever meet. Myanmar is capturing her share of the tourist traffic passing through South-East Asia with her scenic beauty, cultural treasures and as a land of genial and hospitable people. Myanmar has panoramic views in abundance—from ice-capped mountains, silvery waterfalls, magnificent lakes, enchanting caves, alluring wide beaches, riverine beauty spots to thousands of pagodas mirroring the different epochs in history, art and architecture. From golden-gilded pagodas in Yangon, the magical temples of Bagan to the tranquility of Inle Lake in Shan State, Myanmar will excite, impress and intrigue you.


Join us on this half-day cycling tour if you are attracted by scenic roads, physical exercise and interested in discovering daily village lives of locals.

Join our tours to experience the village life with locals, participate in farming and observe the traditions, culture and custom of the local communities.


Meander between golden pagodas, bustling local markets and colonial-era buildings in Yangon, or take a peek into local life by travelling a little wayside out of Yangon to small villages in Thanlyin. Take time to discover cuisine that draws inspiration from all over Asia by sampling a street food stall for the bold, or serendipitously uncover a hidden gem in the many hole-in-the-wall establishments scattered around Yangon.

Once the capital of a powerful ancient kingdom, Bagan’s architectural wonders on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River have withstood pillaging armies and natural disasters. Take time to explore the labyrinth of temples and pagodas filled with ornate murals, carvings and artefacts. From sunrise to sunset, Bagan offers once-in-a-lifetime panoramic views whether from a hot air balloon, a river bank or atop an ancient monastery.

Preserved by isolation, the stunning scenery and local way of life at Inle Lake has remained largely unchanged. Envision a vast and serene lake stretching towards the hills, fringed by floating gardens and homes built on wooden stilts.

Founded in 1857, the last capital of the Myanmar kingdom of an era bygone, Mandalay is located in central Myanmar, 668 km north of Yangon. The city has large sentimental value as it was the capital of the last Myanmar monarch. It still boasts of the finely built palace walls and the beautiful moat around the four sides of those walls.It is the cultural centre and seat of Buddhism, rich in monuments, pagodas and places with a flourishing handicraft industry.

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